Results of ADS Daffodil Shows

The following is a list of awards presented at ADS-Approved local, regional and national daffodil shows.  Information is given for the daffodil(s) winning the award and where recorded, the exhibitor.  It also includes the location and date of each show.  For some years, the information has been combined from the ADS Show Reports submitted by the Show Chairs to provide information for the entire year. This information is presented in two formats: as a searchable, read-only PDF file and an Excel file which you can download if you choose to do your own analysis.  The information is given in two files:  one is the data about winning flowers, etc., and the other gives information about the number of entries, and the number of exhibitors, in horticulture and photography.

Trophy and Show Medal Winners at ADS National Shows, through 2020


2020 Indiana Daffodil Society Photography Show

2020 Mid-Atlantic Virtual Daffodil Show, Photography

2020 Garden Club of Virginia website, March 2020

2020 Individual Show Reports

2020 Show Results, combined

2020 Show Results, combined


2019 Fall ADS National Daffodil Show Report, Lynchburg, October 20

2019 Individual Show Reports

2019 Show Results, combined

2019 Show Results, combined


2018 Individual Show Reports

2018 Combined Show Results

2018 Combined Show Results


2017 Fall Show Schedule, Cincinnati

2017 Fall Daffodil Show Report, Cincinnati

2017 ADS Fall Forum Flower Show Winners, photos from Daffnet

2017 Individual Show Reports

2017_Combined Daffodil Show Reports

2017 Combined Daffodil Show Report


2016 FIRST EVER American Fall Blooming Daffodil Show, Nov. 12-13, Indianapolis, IN

2016 Individual Show Result reports for local, regional and the National Show

2016_Combined Daffodil_Show Reports

2016 Combined Daffodil Show Reports, PDF file

2016 Shows Statistics, Excel File

2016 Shows Statistics, PDF File


2015 Shows, Excel file

2015 Shows, PDF file

2015 Show Award Winners, Excel file   (Begins with Silver Ribbon winners, followed by the shows in alpha order.)

2015 Show Award Winners, PDF File (Begins with Silver Ribbon winners, followed by the shows in alpha order.)


2014 ADS Shows Awards, Excel file; Statistics are on Sheet 2

2014 ADS Show Reports

2014 ADS Show Reports, Excel file

2014 Show Statistics

2014 Show Statistics, Excel file

Additional Results for individual shows:

2013 Livermore Show Report

2013 National Show Results, Columbus, Ohio

2013 Daffodil Society of Minnesota Show Report

Previous Seasons

2000 Midwest Region Show Results

1999 Midwest Region Show Results

1998 Midwest Region Show Reports

1996 U.S. Daffodil Show Winners