Catalogs from 1901 through 1940

Below are a collection of catalogs that are in a searchable PDF format.  These catalogs are listed in alphabetical order by daffodil hybridizer/vendor’s name and within the name by date.  The file-size is provided for your benefit.

Barr Catalogs, England 1909 to 1939

R.H. Bath, Ltd, 1929, 1938, England

Berkeley Nurseries, 1938, 39 & 41 Virginia, USA

S. S. Berry, Daffodils and Irises, 1938, 1939, California, USA

R.F. Calvert Choice Daffodils, 1930 – 1939, Cornwall, England

Cartwright & Goodwin, Ltd, 1913 – 1930, England

F. Herbert Chapman Daffodils, 1912, 1913, England

deGraaff Brothers, Inc., 1929 – 1940, Holland

Florence Edna Foote, 1939, Michigan, USA

A. Frylink & Sons, 1929 – 1939, Holland

Hermitage Gardens, Edwin C. Powell, 1934 –  1940, Maryland, USA

Grant E. Mitsch Novelty Daffodils, 1937 – 1940, Oregon, USA  

H. J. Ohms, Inc., Holland and Connecticut, USA, 1939

Oregon Bulb Farms, Oregon, USA, 1930 – 1940

J. Lionel Richardson Gold Medal Daffodils,  Waterford, Ireland, 1931 – 1940

John Scheepers, Inc., New York City, USA, 1928, 1931

Trumbull & Beebe, San Francisco, California, USA, 1902 – 1904

M. van Waveren and Sons, Holland, 1928 – 1939

Warnaar & Co., 1931 – 1939, Holland

Wayside Gardens, Ohio, USA, 1938, 1939

Guy L. Wilson, 1930 – 1939, Broughshane, Northern Ireland, UK

Other Catalogs:

Mary McD. Beirne, 1938 and 1946, Virginia, USA

Bulbs for fall planting, 1904, California Nursery Company, Niles, CA

California Nursery Co., Bulb Book, Fall 1939, Niles, California

Dreer’s Wholesale Price List, 1908, Bulbs and Plants, Philadelphia, PA  Biodiversity Heritage Library

Floravista 1939, A.N.Kanouse, Olympia, WA, USA

Glenwood Nursery, 1913, Paeonies, Tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissus, Iris, for Fall Planting, Rochester, NY  Biodiversity Heritage Library

Griffith & Turner Co.’s Bulbs for Autumn, 1903, Baltimore, MD

Harris’ Fall Catalog, 1905, Coldwater, NY

Holm & Olson, Bulbs for Fall Planting, 1912, St. Paul, MN  Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Leedham Bulb Co., Trade Price List of California Grown Bulbs, 1907, Santa Cruz, CA  Biodiversity Heritage Library

National Bulb Farm, 1920, Benton Harbor, MI

Willis S. Pino, Bulbs for Fall Planting, 1913, Providence, RI  Biodiversity Heritage Library

Willis S. Pino, Bulbs for Fall Planting 1907, Providence, RI

The W.F. Pitts Seed & Nursery Co., 1916 Bulb Catalog, San Francisco, CA

Schultz’s Bulbs, Hyacinths, Tulips, Crocus, Narcissus, Paeonies, 1912, Washington, DC  Biodiversity Heritage Library

Slieve Donard Nursery, 1932, Northern Ireland

Spalding Bulb Co., 1939, England

van Tubergen Bulbs, 1940

Waltz Brothers, 1939, Virginia, USA

Waterer’s 1939 Price List, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrew B. Vanderbeek, Imperial quality Dutch Bulbs, Paterson, NJ, year unknown Biodiversity Heritage Library

Vick’s Wholesale Bulb Catalogue, 1911, Rochester, NY

Zandbergen Brothers, 1939