About DaffLibrary

Mary Lou Gripshover, Librarian

Mary Lou Gripshover is the person responsible for locating, researching, and scanning thousands of pages for DaffLibrary.org, which is now the most visited website that the American Daffodil Society supports.

Ms. Gripshover has held many positions in the ADS, including Past President,  Executive Director,  and Journal Editor.

Features available to all DaffLibrary.org visitors

Menu Bar

The green menu bar may become your favorite tool! It is the quickest way to find the publications that interest you.


Based on our review of existing publications, we selected specific categories.  Please let us know if you think of another useful category. All publications are placed in one or more categories that best suit the subject.

Primary categories are:

Google™ Search Feature

The Search feature is intended to help you search or find a publication as quickly as possible.

For example, if you are interested in publications about how to recognize a virus on your daffodil foliage, you can go directly to the Diseases & Pests menu and review photos and descriptions.  Or, you can simply look for the word “foliage” using the Search box with the word “Google™”.  This function will search and return results from only within the DaffLibrary.org website.

We consider this feature a giant step towards continuing the American Daffodil Society’s mission to educate the public about daffodils.

Archive Libraries

Cherokee Garden Library and The Huntington Library are the American Daffodil Society designated libraries for the purpose of archival.  Each of these nationally recognized libraries has extensive collections of horticulture and botany documents.

The Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, Georgia, is designated as the primary archival  repository for  single issues of American Daffodil Society books, journals, and other hard-copy  materials. Click here for a current list of ADS items received by the Cherokee Garden Library.

The Huntington Library  at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California is designated as the repository for multiple issues of American Daffodil Society hard-copy publications.