ADS Convention Programs

ADS Presidents and Convention Sites

First ADS Convention Program, Washington, D.C., 1956

First ADS Convention, Carey Quinn, Mr. C.R. Wootton, Guy Wilson, RHS Yearbook 1956

1957, Second Annual Meeting, Kingwood Center, Ohio, April 26 – 28, 1957

1957, Kingwood Center Daffodil Cultivars, Ohio

1958, Third Annual American Daffodil Society Meeting, Atlanta, GA

1958, Daffodil Collection, Atlanta Biltmore Garden, Georgia

1959, Fourth Annual Meeting, American Daffodil Society, Philadelphia, PA

1960, American Daffodil Society Convention, Dallas, TX

1961, Roanoke, VA, ADS Convention Program

1962, American Daffodil Convention, Nashville, TN

1963, American Daffodil Society Convention Program, Stratford, CT

1964, American Daffodil Society Convention, Asheville, NC

1965, American Daffodil Society Convention, Pasadena, CA

1966, American Daffodil Society Convention, Memphis, TN

1967, American Daffodil Society Convention, Philadelphia, PA

1968, American Daffodil Society Convention, Portland, OR

1969, Nashville TN, ADS Convention Program

1970, ADS Convention, Dallas, TX

1972, ADS Convention, Portland, OR

1974, Cincinnati OH, ADS Convention Program

1975, Portland OR, ADS Convention Program

1976, Philadelphia PA, ADS Convention Program

1978, Columbus OH, ADS Convention Program

1977 Bulbs at Whetstone Park, Columbus, Ohio

1979, ADS Convention, Boston, MA

1980, ADS Convention, Memphis, TN

1980, Daffodils, Memphis Botanic Gardens, Tennessee

1981, ADS Convention, Newport Beach, CA

1982, ADS Convention, Nashville, TN

1983 National Convention, Williamsburg, VA

1984 ADS Convention, Portland, OR

1986, ADS Convention, Memphis, TN

1987, ADS Convention, Columbus, OH

CODS Daffodil Display Garden, Columbus, Ohio 1987

1988 National Convention, Tyson’s Corner, VA

1989, ADS Convention, San Francisco, CA

1990 Convention Progam, “Southern Reflections,” Callaway Gardens, Georgia

1991 ADS Convention, Indianapolis, IN

1992, Daffodil Display Garden, Columbus Park of Roses, Ohio

1992 ADS National Convention Program, Columbus, OH

1993, ADS Convention, Nashville, TN

1994 ADS Convention, Portland, OR

2000 World Daffodil Convention Program, Portland, OR

2003, Asheville NC, ADS Convention Program

2004 Vienna, Virginia, 50th Anniversary Convention Program

2007 ADS Convention, Tacoma, WA

2009, ADS Convention, Glencoe, IL

2010 Murphys CA, Convention Program

2012 ADS Convention, Baltimore, MD

2013 ADS Convention Field Trip to Granville, OH

2014, ADS Convention, Little Rock, AR

2015, Williamsburg MD, ADS Convention Program

2016, St. Louis MO, World Daffodil Convention Program Booklet

2016 St. Louis, Missouri, World Daffodil Convention Program

2017 Sacramento CA, ADS National Convention Program

2018 Franklin, TN, ADS Convention Program