Historic Pubs

Over the years, the ADS has amassed a wide collection of older, historic publications dating back to the 1800’s.  There are also Internet links to historical publications dating back to the 1500’s. This area is divided into two sections, the first area is a series of Collections and the second area has individual books and articles.


extlinkicon  The Krelage Haarlem Collection 1667-1920

Fontqueria Species, sorted by Species or Wild Hybrid, compiled by Marilynn Howe

Gardeners’ Chronicle, narcissus articles, 1841-1922, compiled by Marilynn Howe, updated

Barr, Ye Narcissus or Daffodyl Flowre, 1884  (in 3 parts)

Hartland publications, 1885- 1887

Midland Daffodil Society, 1899 – 1931

Oregon Bulb Farm, growing book of hand written notes and various photographs

Daffodils, David Griffiths, USDA, 1930 revised 1934

American Horticultural Society Annual Daffodil Yearbooks, 1935 – 1938

George Lee’s Notebooks, 1938 – 1940

Cecil Solly, Hardy Bulbs, 1946

Andalusian Flowers and Countryside, by Lt. Cdr. C. M. Stocken D.S.C, R.N., 1969

extlinkicon  Old House Gardens Archives for Historic Daffodils, 1995 to Present 

Single Issues:

1921 – 2018

“Daffodil Breeding At Caerhays,” by Charles Williams; from the Newsletter of the Caerhays Estate, March 2018; first published in The Journal of the Cornwall Garden Society No. 58, February 2015

“Cornwall’s Daffodil King, P.D. Williams;” by Jean Carr, Cornwall Today, March 2018

Daffodil History in Catalogs, presentation given by Sara van Beck at the 2016 World Convention in St. Louis

extlinkicon   “Historics Handbook,  A Short Field Guide to the Most Common Old Daffodils in the Deep and Coastal Southeast,” by the Georgia and Florida Daffodil Societies along with the ADS Historics Committee, led by Sara Van Beck, 2014

Louis LeConte’s Bulb Garden, 1813 – 1830, by Sara Van Beck, Magnolia, Winter 2014, Publication of the Southern Garden History Society

“The King Alfred Story,” Rose Brady, Newsletter, The Daffodil Society, UK, 1999

The Genus Narcissus by Anthony C. Dweck, edited by Gordon R. Hanks – “The Folklore of Narcissus

“Daffodils,” Kathleen McClelland, The Historical Gardener, Fall 1995

To Scilly, Alec Gray 1979, a book of poems

Grant Mitsch, 1970 Daffodil Notes

The Romance of Daffodils, William C. Brumbach, 1959

Bulb Growing and Forcing, Northwest Bulb Growers Association, 1957

The Flower Bulb Industry, Washington Agricultural Experiment Stations, October 1957

“Old Naturalized Narcissus in The South,” Jo N. Evans; Herbertia, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1953

“Thirty Years Breeding Daffodils”, Edwin C. Powell; “Narcissus Breeding Report,” W. R. Ballard; “Breeding Narcissus for Various Climatic Regions,” J.S. Cooley; Herbertia, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1953

“Narcissus Classification,” Plants and Gardens, Autumn 1948

“Early, Midseason, and Late Varieties of Daffodils,” J.Wister, C.Mueller, Plants and Gardens, Autumn 1948

“Progress of Horticulture: Daffodils as Garden Flowers,” Jan DeGraaff; Journal of the California Horticultural Society, July 1948

Journal of the California Horticultural Society, 1940, daffodil issue

Classified List of [Australian-raised] Daffodil Names, Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria, 1936

Narcissus hispanicus maximus,” A.F. Calvert, RHS Daffodil Yearbook 1935

“Narcissus For Garden and Home,” H.M. Biekart; Extension Service, New Jersey State College of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 119, May 1934

Monograph of Narcissus, Subgenus Ajax, H.W. Pugsley, Journal of the RHS, Vol. LVIII, pt1, p1-86, 1933

Midland Daffodil Society, 1933, and correspondence with James Akers and Jan Dalton 2019

“Daffodils in Eastern North Carolina;” The Bulletin of the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture, January, 1930

“Narcissus ‘White Queen’,” by Ethel Anson S. Peckham; Addisonia, Vol. 14, 1929; from the Biodiversity Heritage Library Collection

Chronicles of the Garden, Mrs. Francis King, 1925

Botanical Abstracts, Vol X, Nov 1921-Feb, 1922

Bulb Gardening, by Mary Hampden, 1922

1911 – 1920

“Further Investigations on the Eelworm Disease of Narcissus,” lecture by Mr. J.K. Ramsbottom delivered before the Royal Horticultural Society and Horticultural Club, April 13, 1920; The Gardeners Chronicle, April 24 and May 1, 1920

Distribution of Tulip and Narcissus Bulbs in 1919, USDA Circular 65

Royal Horticultural Society List of Classified Names, 1916 from the Library of the University of British Colombia

Narcissus poeticus and its allies, H.W. Pugsley; Journal of Botany, Vol. LIII, 1915, p1-46

extlinkicon  “Better Daffodils for American Gardens”, by Sherman Duffy, The Garden Magazine, 1914, Page 44 or Page 55 on PDf reader.

Daffodils, Narcissus and how to grow them; A.M. Kirby, 1914

An Illustrated Flora of the Northern US, Canada…by Nathaniel Lord Britton, 1913, Narcissus on p.532.

The Welsh Daffodil and How it Came into Wales, W. Davis, 1912

1901 – 1910

  The Garden Magazine,  February 1909 to July 1909 (a link to Google Books) search for daffodil or Peter Barr

The Latest Hobby: How to Raise Daffodils from Seed; Cartwright & Goodwin, 1908

A Plea for Hardy Plants, by J. Wilkinson Elliot, 1907

The Book of the Daffodil, by Rev. S. E. Bourne, Handbooks of Practical Gardening, 1903

The Gardeners Chronicle, 1902, pp172-173, hybrid Narcissi, Narcissus x Margaritae, Narcissus x Sprengeri

  Cyclopedia of American Horticulture, Search for narcissus or daffodils; 1901. (link to Google Books)

  Daffodils, by A. Wilson, M.A., Dunedin, New Zealand; Paperspast, September 9, 1901

  Current Literature Volume 29, San Francisco Chronicle, “California Daffodils,” 1900   (link to Google Books)

1851 – 1900

  Abstract on Paper about the Daffodil” Transactions of the Scottish Horticultural Society 1897; by R.J. Shillington, 1896 (scroll down to about the middle of the page, past the Dalhousie dishes)

extlinkiconThe Narcissus”, by F.W. Burbridge, Journal of the Royal Horticulture Society, 1889

  “Search for daffodils or narcissus” Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society; Engleheart, Appleshaw, Andover, 1889. (Google Books)

Letters of Burbidge, Engleheart, and others, 1880s to 1930s

The Narcissus, its history and culture, Burbidge and Baker, 1875

  Bulbs:  Hardy and Tender Bulbs and Tubers, by Edward Sprague Rand, Jr., 1866

extlinkicon  The Gardeners’ Magazine of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Natural Science, by Thomas Moore, 1851, drawing of three of Leeds seedlings.

extlinkicon  The Gardeners’ Magazine of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Natural Science, by Thomas Moore, 1851, drawing of three more of Leeds seedlings.

1800 – 1850

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine or Flower-Garden Displayed, 1844

“Narcissus,” The ladies’ flower-garden of ornamental bulbous plants, Mrs. Loudon, 1841  Biodiversity Heritage Library

A compendium of the English flora of Sir James Edward Smith, 1836

Amaryllidaceae, by the Hon. and Rev. William Herbert, 1836   There is a section on Narcissus

A.H. Haworth, obituary August 24, 1833

“A Monograph on the Subordo V. of Amaryllideae,” A.H. Haworth; Sweet’s British Flower Garden, 1831

Narcissinearum Monographia, Second Edition, A.H. Haworth, 1831

“Narcissorum Revisio,” A.H. Haworth; Supplementum Plantarum Succulentarum, 1819; digitized by Botanicus

Louis  LeConte’s Bulb Garden, 1813-1830, by Sara Van Beck, Magnolia, 2014 Winter  (Vol. XXVII, No. 1), Publication of the Southern Garden History Society

Salisbury, “On the Cultivation of Rare Plants,” Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, Vol. 1, 1812

  Curtis Botanical Magazine, 1806 Search for daffodils or narcissus, click on book to read

Historic Drawings of Species, source unknown


extlinkicon  Pier Andrea Mattioli, About the Daffodil or Small Narcissus Rose, 16th century, translation from ancient Czech

  The Herball, or Generall historie of plantes, gathered by John Gerarde of London master in chirurgerie, 1636  (Commonly known as Gerard’s Herbal); daffodils on pages 123-137.

Note that the Sea Daffodil on p. 173, though once called Narcissus Matthioli, is not a daffodil at all.  Gerard gives several other names for it.  The second link is probably the more useful one.

Gerard’s Of the Historie of Plants, Chap. 84, Of Daffodils, 1636; Xerox copies of the daffodil pages.

  Theatrum Florae; Rabel, Daniel,  Narcissus pages 15 – 22, a link to Real Jardin Botanico Digital Library,  1633

Narcissus Pages 15-22 of the Theatrum Florae; Rable, Daniel


   Gerarde’s catalogue of plants he cultivated in his garden, 1566-1599