Other Science

The American Daffodil Society has funded grants and collects scientific research results from various sources. Below is a collection of research materials and publications gathered over the years by the American Daffodil Society.

“Flower bulbs to treat Alzheimer’s,”  Mirage News, June 23, 2020

Photos of some blooms in Sections Jonquillae, Juncifolii, and Apodanthi, by Fernando Ureña Plaza, Narcissus facebook group, March 2020

“Comparative of Jonquillae species,” by Rafa Diez Dominguez, from Daffnet.org, March 9, 2020

One way to tell the difference between various members of the Section Jonquilla, by Rafa Díez Domínguez

Narcissus x barrae and Narcissus grandae, by Theo Sanders, November 2019

“Dos Nuevos Narcisos Hibridos en el Occidente de la Peninsula Iberica,” by Antonio Gonzales et al, Flora Montiberica 75: 3-7 (XI-2019

Narcissus grandae y Narcissus milagrosus (AMARYLLIDACEÆ) dos nuevas especies en Extremadura (España)” by Sanchez Garcia et al, Folia Botanica Extremadurensis, Vol. 13(2): 5-22

Anti cancer compounds for brain cancer found in daffodils, University of Bath, Bath,UK  May 1, 2019  

“MAS NOVEDADES SABRE NARCISSUS EN JAEN, ANDALUCIA,” by Ines deBellard Pecchio and Juan Luis Hervas Serrano, Micobotania-Jaen, April-June, 20190504

“Fenología antesis, corología y nomenclatura” (30-IV-2019), from the Facebook group Narcissus 

“Scientists’ findings suggest daffodils could replace antibiotics in feed,” by Rachel Martin Agriland.co.uk, March 3  2019

“Daffodils used as alternative to antibiotics in animal feed,” Farminguk News, March 1, 2019

“Harnessing daffodils’ flower power,” by Gordon Davidson, The Scottish Farmer, March 1, 2019

“Fenología antesis y anexo nomenclatural,” from the Facebook Group Narcissus (4 setiembre 2018)

“NUEVOS APUNTES SOBRE EL GÉNERO NARCISSUS EN JAÉN,” by deBellard, Hervas, Lopez Morales, Reyes,and Ruiz Cano, Microbotanica-Jaen, April-June, 2018 0503

“Narcissus x andujarensis.” Hervas, Patino, Solis & Urrutia, “Una Especie Hibrida Nueva,” Flora Montiberica: 71 116-119 (VII-2018)

“Daffodils grown by farmer in Wales could help 225k Alzheimer’s patients,” by Stephen Matthews, Daily Mail Online, April 27, 2018

“Sobre Narcissus asturiensis (Jord) Pugsley subsp. brevicoronatus (Pugsley) Uribe-Echebarria (Amaryllidaceae) y su Ubicacion en al Grupo asturiensis-minor;” Agusti Agut et al, Flora Montiberica 70: 50-66 (March 2018)

“Daffodils to fight cancer: Anti-cancer effect of a daffodil extract,” Science Daily, February 26, 2018; research being done in Belgium

“Observations on the morphology of several autumn-flowering Narcissus species,” Fernando Urena Plaza, posted on Facebook 2017

“Autumn Daffodils in Andalusia,” Sally Kington, RHS Daffodil, Snowdrop, and Tulip Yearbook, 2017

“Narcissorum Notulae, LII,” F. J. Fernandez Casas and P. Gomez Murillo; Fontqueria_56(58). 17 March 2017

“Datos demograficos y estudio del habitat de Narcissus fernandesiii G Pedro en el centro de la peninsula iberica,” J. Rojo et al, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

“Evolution of the Species of Narcissus: A Review,” by John David, The Daffodil Journal, March 2017

“Nomenclatural Notes on some autumn flowering daffodils (Narcissus, Amaryllidaceae),” Koopowitz et al, Phytotaxa, February 2017

“Novedades en Narcissus L. (Amaryllidaceae);” Alfredo Barra Lazaro, et al; Flora Montiberica 63, 103-111, 2016

“The Names of Some Autumn-flowering Daffodils,” by Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe, The Daffodil Journal, September 2016

extlinkiconBangor Uni scientists hunt for new daffodil treatments Max Evans, BBC News, August 28, 2016

“Science into Practice — Understanding daffodil rust,” HorticultureWeek, 10 June 2016

Geophytes – Methods for Bulb Propagation from the University of Kentucky – College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

extlinkicon   Treating Alzheimer’s Disease with daffodils, Joint Nature Conservation Commitee, UK

The Chemistry of Daffodils, Created by Andy Brunning for Chemical & Engineering News, April 13 2015

Michael Salmon on N. cavanillesii, personal correspondence, 2015

“Daffodils as Antidepressants (What Wordsworth Knew)”, by Sharon Packer, MD, Psychiatric Times, 2014″

“Three popular daffodil varieties determined to be highly salt tolerant,” American Society of Horticultural Science, phys.org, Nov. 17, 2014

  The Internal Greenhouse effect of a Daffodil, by Patterson Clark, Washington Post, March 12, 2013

“Acerca de Narcissus albicans, (Haworth) Sprengel (Amaryllidaceae)” by Francisco Javier Fernandez Casas; in Adumbrationes ad Summae Editionem 32: 1-28, December 12, 2009

“The Image of Daffodil in Art and Botanical Illustration; Clues to the History of Domestication and Selection of Narcissus subgenus Ajax (Amaryllidaceae),” by Diego Rivera, Segundo Rios, Concepcion Obon, Francisco Alcaraz; Global Science Books 2006

  Scientists hope daffodil crop will help tackle dementia, by James Meikle, The Guardian,  March 2006

“The Origin of Cultivation and wild ancestors of daffodils (Narcissus subgenus Ajax) (Amaryllidaceae) from an analysis of early illustrations,” by Diego Rivera Nunez, Concepcion Obon De Castro, Segundo Rios Ruiz, Francisco Alcaraz Ariza, Scientia Horticulturae, 2003

Barbara Fry, UK, Notes on Tazettas, personal correspondence 1990

Chart–Soil samples sent to Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Unit  Read results of this project in The Daffodil Journal, June 1989, pp.228 – 235.

A Talk Given by Michael Salmon to The International Bulbous Sympsium on February 26, 1989, Irvine, CA

“Fertilizer Uptake in Relationship to Growth Stages of Daffodils,” (1980s?) W. C. Anderson and J. B. Carstens; Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Unit, Washington State University

“Daffodil Bulb Fertilization — 1981,” W. C. Anderson and J. B. Carstens; Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Unit, Washington State University

“Nitrogen Nutrition in Daffodil Production,” 1978, W. C. Anderson and J. B. Carstens; Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Unit, Washington State University

“Daffodil Variety Evaluation,” South Carolina Ag Experiment Station, Research Series No. 127,  1970

“The Tazettas, Some Identities, Breeding and Chromosome Treatment;” L.S. Hannibal, RHS Yearbook, 1964

“Narcissus viridiflorus,” Hamilton P. Traub; “The Fall Flowering Narcissus,” L.S. Hannibal; Herbertia, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1953

“A genetical analysis of pink daffodils,” Edgar Anderson & Earl Hornbeck; Journal of the Cal Horticultural Society, circa 1939

“Speeding up Flowering in the Daffodil and the bulbous Iris,” David Griffiths, USDA Circular 367, January 1936

“Monograph of Narcissus, Subgenus Ajax,” H.W. Pugsley, Journal of the RHS, Vol. LVIII, pt1, p1-86, 1933

The Production of Narcissus Bulbs, David Griffiths, 1924, USDA Bulletin 1270

Narcissus poeticus and its allies, H.W. Pugsley; Journal of Botany, Vol. LIII, p1-46, 1915

Narcissorum Revisio, A.H. Haworth; Supplementum Plantarum Succulentarum, digitized by Botanicus, 1891

A Monograph on the Subordo V. of Amaryllideae, A.H. Haworth; Sweet’s British Flower Garden, 1831

Narcissinearum Monographia, Second Edition, A.H. Haworth, 1831

“Salisbury, On the Cultivation of Rare Plants,” Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, Vol. 1, 1812