ADS Handouts

Below are a variety of materials we recommend for use if making a presentation or manning a daffodil informational booth.  You can customize some of these by adding a label with your or your group’s contact information.

Some of these are posters that print out in a large size.

A Pocket Guide to Daffodils, 2020

Classification with diagrams

Guide to Growing in California_Nov-2017

Daffodil Botany, parts of a daffodil drawing labeled

Parts of a Daffodil, text description

Wordsearch puzzle for parts of the Daffodil

ADS Coloring Book, 2019

ADS Coloring Book, 2008

Daffodil Selfie Props

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Horticultural Classification of Daffodils RHS, 2012

Classification of Daffodils, 2008 Register, Royal Horticultural Society

Handout Compilation, Northwest Flower and Garden Show, 1993

Colonization of Daffodils, Helen K. Link, The Daffodil Journal, June 1986

Daffodil Culture

Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Bloom

Forcing the Issue, Forcing Daffodils into Bloom

Bulbs in Containers

Growth cycle of a daffodil

Hybridizing Daffodils

Poster, Flower Sizes (standards, intermediates and miniatures)

For reference, the following four posters, from 2007, are legible when printed by a professional printer at a size as small as 8-1/2″ x 20″.

Poster, Discover Daffodils

Poster, Daffodil Choices, explains classification

Poster, How do Daffodils Grow?

Poster, Trace the Path to Pink

ADS Display Exhibit Handbook (details the procedure for setting up the full size 2007 banners)

In 2020, the Educational Banners were updated.  They are legible when printed by a professional printer at a size of 20″ x 30″.

2020, Discover Daffodils

2020, Daffodil Choices

2020, How do Daffodils Grow?

2020, Trace the Path to Pink