eBooks in DaffLibrary

The American Daffodil Society is proud to provide this eBook, Yellow Fever, with permission of David Willis, the author.  More eBooks will be made available in the future.

Yellow Fever, A Prospect of the History and Culture of Daffodils, 2012, by David Willis

Yellow Fever is a book about the history of the daffodil growing mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland and it covers all the most important personalities around the world and their achievements that have made the daffodil the important spring garden flower that is is today.

The American Daffodil Society is proud to provide this ebook, Narcisos Silvestres Ibéricos, Colección Fotográphica, by Fernando Ureña Plaza, 2019.  We are pleased he has given us permission to make his beautiful photos of the species Narcissus, as grown in Iberia,  available to everyone.

Narcisos silvestres ibéricos, 2019, by Fernando Ureña Plaza

The Introduction and other text is in Spanish, but you’ll have no trouble reading the locations where the photos were taken.  The date the photo was taken is “European style,” with the day first, then the month and year.