ADS Yearbooks

The Washington (DC) Daffodil Society existed before the ADS.  It was the Washington Daffodil Society which invited all interested daffodil growers to their Third Annual Daffodil Institute in 1954 to discuss the formation of a national daffodil society.  It was at that meeting that the ADS was formed.  The WDS 1955 Yearbook was sent to all ADS members at that time.  In the years 1956-1964, the ADS published annual yearbooks.  The complete collection is available on a DVD at the ADS webstore.

The first file listed below is an index of all the articles in the yearbooks, so that you can then go to the appropriate yearbook to read the article.  The size of the file is indicated for your convenience.  All files are searchable.

ADS Yearbooks, Article Index

Washington Daffodil Society, 1955

ADS Yearbook 1956

ADS Yearbook 1957-58

ADS Yearbook 1959

ADS Yearbook 1960

ADS Yearbook 1961

ADS Yearbook 1962

ADS Yearbook 1963

ADS Yearbook 1964