ADS Internet Presence

The American Daffodil Society maintains and hosts a family of daffodil websites, the main website: (DaffodilUSA), our discussion forum: (DaffNet), our free online library: (DaffLibrary), our daffodil database with photos: (DaffSeek), and our daffodil presentation website: (DaffTube).

All of the free resources and information we provide on the Internet is part of the American Daffodil Society’s mission to educate the public about daffodils.

  • At DaffodilUSA you can learn all about The American Daffodil Society.  There is information helpful to the new daffodil grower–basic information on growing daffodils, bulb sources,  shows and events in your area, and links to other international sites.
  • DaffNet hosts our discussion forum, where members may post questions which may be answered by experts around the world. There are discussions and photos that help answer questions or announce new findings in the daffodil world.
  • DaffLibrary contains more than three thousand documents and links to webpages about daffodils gathered over the past 60 years or more.  Scans have been made of materials in various stages of aging–some from Xerox copies and some damaged over the years.  You may find the nugget you’re looking for!
  • DaffSeek, a unique daffodil database with photos, pedigree trees and fertility informaton This query system is sponsored by the American Daffodil Society for the purpose of providing useful information and photos to our Internet visitors.  DaffSeek currently has more than 32,000 data records for daffodil varieties.  There are about 30,100 photographs in the database, so the system provides a means to identify many daffodils visually.  Photos were contributed by 316 photographers throughout the world representing 22 countries.  Therefore, the photo you see may have been taken of a flower growing in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United States, or many other countries.  In some cases, there are multiple photos for each daffodil.  You can find the pedigree of the flowers as well as a list of descendants.  It may be helpful in choosing new bulbs for your garden by choosing siblings of bulbs that do well in your area.
  • DaffTube has a number of slide programs with scripts on various daffodil topics.  Videos about preparing daffodils for exhibition as well as interviews of daffodil experts are available for presentation on various devices.  Some presentations may be used as talks to various garden groups, while others are of a length that are suitable for home study.

Be sure to check all these sites for information and photos about daffodils and the people who grow them.