J. Lionel Richardson Gold Medal Daffodils, Waterford, Ireland, 1931 – 1940

J. Lionel Richardson was one of the premier daffodil breeders of his era.  He was a successful exhibitor at RHS and Midland Daffodil Society shows, and in 1922 issued his first catalog.  His flowers were known for the depth of orange/red in the cups of his flowers.  A chance open pollinated seed on ‘Mary Copeland’ opened the way for his many excellent double flowers.  At his death in 1961, Mrs. Richardson continued the business, and in 1964 began issuing the catalog in her own name.

J. Lionel Richardson Gold Medal Daffodils, 1931

J. Lionel Richardson, 1933

J. Lionel Richardson, 1934

J. Lionel Richardson, 1937

J. Lionel Richardson, 1938

J. Lionel Richardson, 1939

J. Lionel Richardson, 1940