George Lee’s Notebooks, 1938-1940

George Lee, former ADS President and Executive Director, kept a series of handwritten notebooks in the late 1930s.  Book 1 covers general information about daffodils.  The remaining eight contain information on individual cultivars, taken from catalogs and books of the day.  Readers should remember that the classification system used is that from 1933, and that species names are those used by the trade at the time.  As the notebooks are handwritten, there is no “keyword” search available; but the second page of each part lists the cultivars in that file.

Book 1,Part 1, general information

Book 1, Part 2, general information

Book 2, Part 1, ‘Abelard’ to ‘Alys’

Book 2, Part 2, ‘Ambassador’ to ‘Beacon’

Book 2, Part 3, ‘Beat All’ to ‘Buxted’

Book 3, Part 1, ‘C.J. Backhouse’ to ‘Czarina’

Book 3, Part 2, ‘D.S. West’ to ‘Eyebright’

Book 4, Part 1, ‘Fair Bostonian’ to ‘Gladys Dobie’

Book 4, Part 2, ‘Glenarm’ to ‘Gyrfalcon’

Book 4, Part 3, ‘Hades’ to ‘Hymettus’

Book 5, Part 1, ‘Ian Secrett’ to ‘Juliet’

Book 5, Part 2, ‘Jungfrau’ to ‘Lafayette’

Book 5, Part 3, ‘Lanarth’ to ‘Marina’

Book 6, Part 1, ‘Marion’ to ‘Mimi’

Book 6, Part 2, ‘Minister Talma’ to ‘Mount Erebus’

Book 6, Part 3, ‘Mount Royal’ to N. juncifolius

Book 6, Part 4, N. juncifolius rupicola to N. watieri

Book 7, Part 1, ‘Narrabri’ to ‘Ozan’

Book 7, Part 2, ‘Pacific Spur’ to ‘Princess Astrid’

Book 7, Part 3, ‘Princess Miriam’ to ‘Rheingold’

Book 8, Part 1, ‘Richard’ to ‘Rye Royal’

Book 8, Part 2, ‘Sagacity’ to ‘Severn’

Book 8, Part 3, ‘Seville’ to ‘Southern Gem’

Book 8, Part 4, ‘Southern Star’ to ‘Syra’

Book 9, Part 1, ‘Tagore’ to ‘True Charm’

Book 9, Part 2, ‘Truth’ to ‘White Eagle’

Book 9, Part 3, ‘White Emperor’ to ‘Zoe’