September 2003 – August 2004

They’re Here! Daffodil Bulbs have Arrived!  September 2003

October is Bulb Planting Time, October 2003

The Bulbs are Planted, Time to Rake Leaves, November 2003

Some Holiday Gifts for Daffodil Gardeners, December 2003

Daffodils in January?  What do we do now?   January, 2004

Getting Ready for a Daffodil Show, February 2004

But I Don’t Want to Exhibit Daffodils!  March 2004

Its Showtime! April 2004

Some Reflections on the Season, May 2004

What’s that Round Thing?  June 2004

An Off Month for Daffodils, July 2004

Some Mid-Summer Chores, August 2004